11 May 2016

Treble Claire is changing for the good!

It's time for a change.

For anyone who reads my blog (this uncoordinated mess) you will probably notice that posting is sporadic and I've written a few posts years apart talking about 'rebooting' the blog.

Well, this time I mean it!

I originally set up this blog to review music. I wanted to be a music journalist when I finished University. But I've realised that when I write it's not always about music. There are so many wonderful things out there to talk about, discuss and share.

I'd like to propose that my blog stays under the same name as I'd like to keep my old posts. This time I'm not limiting it to music only, I'll write about whatever I feel like. Music, film, books, society, theatre, people, general observations, comedy, TV and opinions on a plethora of things!

So, welcome to the new blog.

Please feel free to leave your opinions in the comments section below. I'd like to know what you want to read about and what you'd like me to write about. Engaging with people is the reason I love writing, I want to hear what you think too. Whether you just saw a film at the cinema and want me to review it, your favourite band just realised a new single and you want to know what I think, something really grinds your gears and you want to hear my opinion on it too, PLEASE get in touch.

Similarly, if you are in a band and want me to come and review your gig, or send me some of your music for me to listen to and write about on here then please do!

I want to get back into writing for fun, so let's do this!

C x

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