8 Jan 2013

The Return of David Bowie - Happy 2013!

There is a little something that has sparked up my interest in writing recently, and his name is David Bowie.

I've been a little slow on the blogging front for a while now and for that I must apologise to my mother (possibly the only person who looks at this page).

But back to Bowie. I grew up listening to his music and became strangely entranced by his character in Labyrinth when I watched the film at my grandparents house.
So there has always been an interest there. When the 'Best of Bowie' album was released in 2002 I remember it appearing in my Mum's car. 
We would drive around singing along with the windows down. My sister who was seven at the time fell madly in love with his music, and Sound and Vision was a solid favourite amongst us all.
As I'm writing this I can hear it clear as day in my head. TO YOUTUBE.
Anyway, David Bowie is such an icon that while I was at University I decided to turn up to a 70's themed party as Ziggy Stardust. I even have a t shirt with Ziggy's face on.
Basically, I think Mr Bowie is fantastic. So when I heard he had released a new single today on his 66th birthday I was eager to hear it.
Luckily, it has been plastered all over the news today so it wasn't difficult to get a quick listen. But that's all you got from the news; a 30 second clip.
Initially I thought the single, 'Where Are We Now?' was very bland. But I sent myself to Youtube to have a listen to the full thing.
My thoughts are that it seems like a song from a sad film. The music is grand yet simple, which makes the lyrics more effective. He isn't going for an instant pop hit, he has written a simple, thought-provoking song. Bowie is questioning society as he's always done. The sound has a Bowie-tinge to it, but the fact that it is slow and sad gives way to lyrics which are in English and German. He repeats 'Where Are We Now?' as if to emphasise that something has gone wrong within society.
It's not my favourite song by him, but when has David Bowie ever tried to be popular? He does what he does and he's successful for it.
I think it would work best in the context of a film or theatre. It's not neccessarily for commercial radio, but I feel it is a little 'Morrissey'-esque in it's sad appeal.
An album is to follow in March, entitled The Next Day, and I can't wait to hear more music from David Bowie. No matter what he does, he is magnetic.

Check out the new single here:

C x