23 May 2016

Funeral For a Friend: Top 6

Funeral For a Friend said their final goodbye this week, rounding off a 15 year long career with two nights at the Kentish Town Forum in London. They played arguably their two most famous albums "Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation" and "Hours". 

FFAF were a staple for any teen back in the early noughties and I remember Hours being a huge deal at school amongst the kids who loved rock music. 

I was lucky enough to see them back in 2015 when they came to play in a small venue in my hometown. It was a fantastic night, reliving my teenage years with my best friends and the perfect soundtrack. 

So in light of all this I've decided to look back at their career and pick my top 6 tracks by a band that will always have a big place in my heart... And no it wasn't easy, I even started this list as a 'Top 5' and had to change it. 

Farewell FFAF, thanks for everything! 

6. Juneau 

Remember the infamous lyric "Am I nothing more than a line in your book?" posted on everyone's MSN names or Myspace pages. Oh 2003. 

5. Roses for the Dead 

The thudding chorus is so heavy, I love it. 
But the video is one of the main reasons it's on my list. It's really touching and something a little different to what we're used to from a FFAF video. 

4. History 

Can you honestly say you've never sang "Aaaarchers in your aaaarches!" drunkenly with your arm around your best friend?! Okay, just me then. A beautiful song. 

3. Front Row Seats to the End of the World 

Another anthem that makes you want to scream your lungs out! 

2. Into Oblivion (Reunion) 

This is such an anthemic song. 
I remember when this was released thinking "Wow, they've done it again." Another winner. 

1. Streetcar 

*ring ring* "Hello" 
Ahh the satisfaction of getting the timing right on that opening. From the galloping guitar that opens the song, to yelling out the replies to Matt's vocal, to the overlapping phone conversation that builds and builds.. this may just be the best FFAF song ever! I love air drumming to this when I hear it on a night out. If you see a girl in Camden Underworld going nuts to this song I can guarantee (approx 99%) it will be me! 

Did I miss one of your favourites? Share them below... 

C x