1 Oct 2011

LIVE REVIEW: A Skylit Drive & Support @ Manchester Club Academy 28/09/11

A Skylit Drive, I Set My Friends On Fire, Woe Is Me & Sleeping With Sirens
Manchester Club Academy
28th September 2011

A young crowd have gathered in the sun for tonight's show and there is a buzz of teenage arrogance and enthusiasm in the air. Sleeping With Sirens open the show. They perform a short but memorable set, opening with melodic but strong 'If You Can't Hang' and crowd favourite 'If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn'. SWS's sound converts extremely well from record to live performance. Woe Is Me follow suit with a passionate performance. New singer, Hance, is dressed like Plan B tonight and seems hesitant to get involved, but has potential to be a new Chester Bennington. They are tonight's clear favourite with the crowd. A strong chant of 'Woe Is Me' echoes through the venue whilst the next band set up on stage. The crowd halves, as I Set My Friends On Fire turn the amps up to eleven. The aggressive performance leaves spectators longing for A Skylit Drive to take to the stage. There is not a lot of build up between bands and A Skylit Drive bounce onto the stage to the surprise of audience members. Tonight's sound is tinny and vocals muffled, not that it matters as the crowd chant every word back at them. Jag's gentle vocal is outshone by Brian's screams tonight, but the fans are so engrossed in the performance they seem not to care. It has to be said that this may not have been the case in a different venue. Songs roll out with ease and A Skylit Drive seem to be enjoying themselves. 'Too Little Too Late' causes a stir and is clearly a popular choice. They happily deliver a short encore including 'Wires ... And The Concept Of Breathing', and by the reaction from the room they could have stayed on stage all night.

                                           A Skylit Drive's Jag

                                                     Corey La Quay works up a sweat

                                                      A Skylit Drive work the crowd

                                                      Corey La Quay

                                                      Sleeping With Sirens' Kellin Quinn

                                                      Woe Is Me's new vocalist Hance Alligood

C x

So, here I am, finally

It took me long enough, but I finally managed to get myself a blog. Naming it was the most difficult thing, but with the help of my friends I got to this name: Treble Claire. Its a play on words. 

  My name is Claire and I am a Journalism student in Liverpool. I decided I wanted to set up this blog because a lot of my hard work was being put to no use. I'd go to gigs, get some pretty good live images and talk to all the musicians, then come home with all this brilliant material and it would just stay on my laptop, unseen by the world. My goal in life is to be a music journalist. I love writing reviews of albums and live performances and I love talking to musicians. They always have a great story to tell.

  So, Treble Claire. It came from Treble Clef. My friends and I thought it was quite fitting. Please visit their blog too, at beabequ.blogspot.com for fashion and music

  This blog will mainly be full of music based things. Lots of pictures. All material used on this site is my own, unless specified. I love writing feature and opinion pieces too.

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  It would be greatly appreciated if you pass this blog onto friends and family. I'd love for as many people to read and enjoy my blog. And if there are any musicians out there please get in touch. I'd love to review your music or come and see your band. The more material I have to write about the better.

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