12 Mar 2012


8-10 June
This year is Download's big 10 year anniversary!
They first announced the initial line up in January, and are announcing more artists in the lead up to the festival.
Download was one of the first festivals that I ever wanted to go to, but I've never been.
So I'm just going to name a few bands that have been added to the line up that I think are great and would be worth going to see!

Killswitch Engage
Saturday 9th
A great opportunity to see the band back with their original singer Jesse Leach. A strong live band with some truly epic music. You'd be a fool to miss them. This is their only UK festival appearance, amongst several European dates including Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park in Germany.

Corey Taylor
Saturday 9th
All round good guy and Slipknot superstar is performing on one of the smaller stages. It's bound to be a great performance.

Friday 8th
Any heavy metal fan would love to see this band. I didn't think I'd like them, but I have seen them live and they are truly mesmerising. Beautiful musicianship; the melodic meets the deathly. Would love to see how this translates onto a festival setting!

Friday 8th
Described by Kerrang! as "The most exciting young band in Britain", this female-fronted band are young, talented and ready to do big things in 2012. I think they'll make a great impression at Download.

Saturday 9th
I obviously had to include Metallica. Who wouldn't want to see these legends perform live? And they are playing the Black album in full. Amazing!

Black Sabbath
Sunday 10th
The original band are back after 33 years. This is their only European performance as Black Sabbath this summer, as Tony Iommi is battling lymphoma. Get well soon!

Rise Against
Sunday 10th
They are one of those bands that my iTunes likes to play when it's on shuffle. A credit to modern music and sound just like they do on record when performing live. You'd be surprised by how many of their songs you know.

Heaven's Basement
Sunday 10th
Pure rock n roll. Perfect for a Download crowd and fans of classic rock.

C x

Festival Season

I thought it would be appropriate to kick start my blog by writing about the festivals that are coming up this summer.I haven't written anything in ages and I feel like I've been neglecting my poor blog!

So, festival season. Something that strikes fear, excitment, jealousy and anxiety in me year after year.
I must admit, I have only been to one festival,.. well technically two.

Last year I went to Leeds Festival with one of my best friends Lydia. I'm still wearing my bands like a badge of honour.

It was indescribably amazing, which probably isn't great for a blog!

I think I'll make a reflective blog later on tonight about my experience from last year.

I also went to a little known Cumbrian festival in 2009 called Cockrock (based in the town of Cockermouth).

It was good fun and more about the experience than the line up, which mostly consisted of bands that I was friends with or other various local bands. The main draw was that The Holloways were headlining one night (famed for the "I can get a record player and a generator..." song).

So my festival experiences are limited, and I think this is mainly down to me not being able to make a decision! Year after year I dither over each line up; which one is worth the money, the best dates to go, who will go with me, etc...

So to follow, I will be writing a mini blog on some of the biggest UK festivals that have caught my eye this year.

Starting with Sonisphere who, to be honest, have impressed me by announcing Queen and Adam Lambert are headlining Saturday night! There's been a lot of backlash, but I am all for it!