2 Oct 2011

VOICE: Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens

Ok so I was planning on making a blog entry about Kellin anyway, but then I ended up finding some videos of him beat boxing and I had to write this; it inspired me.
 Kellin Quinn is the vocalist from Sleeping With Sirens. His voice has such a large range for a 'rock singer'. I would describe his band as post-hardcore, although there are a lot of different elements within their music.
  He has a very melodic voice, but he can also scream. Kellin's voice ranges from the highest notes to deep growls, and now I've found out he can beat box.
  Quite often the case with bands is each person is good in their field and collectively they make good music. Vocals in bands are less important, although I've noticed this is dieing out more recently. Kellin breaks the mold in this way as he has such a voice any solo artist would envy.
  Recently I saw Sleeping With Sirens perform live. Before the show I could hear him doing vocal warm ups and the range in voice really is incredible, as you can hear in this song (also below).

  'Who Are You Now' showcases the high end of his vocal range. The album, however, allows him to show off on every level.
  He is a very interesting artist to watch when he is performing too, as you can tell he is putting his all into a performance, just from his facial expressions and the way he contorts his body and face. It is pure passion.
  So, if any of you are reading this and thinking you've never heard of this band I'd advise you check them out.
  Sleeping With Sirens have just released their second studio album on Rise Records. A review will follow shortly.

C x

My Passion turn blonde for upcoming tour

My Passion have always been known for their mix of unusual gothic/punk style, but now are opting for a lighter image. Over the past few years band members have become blonder. The most significant change is that Simon Rowlands' once jet black hair is now silver. Take a look here for new pictures of the band.

C x

Korn inject a bit of Dub

Korn have never particularly appealed to me, but I found it intriguing when I found out they were to release a dub step album. Seeing them as more of an alternative metal band I wondered if it truly could work as a concept. 
  On Friday, NME tweeted about the release of the new video of the single, 'Get Up'. You can watch it here
  I think it shows the band evolving and moving along with what the music industry is turning into. Dubstep is the newest trend and it would be a little stupid if a band didn't go with the movement. I don't feel that it is a sign of the band selling out. 'Get Up' is not dubstep in the strongest sense, it's still Korn, with a thorough dose of 'dub'. Unsurprisingly, the track was produced by 'dub-master' and ex-From First To Last singer Skrillex (Sonny Moore). 
  I can imagine this song being quite a success amongst fans. Let me know what you think

C x