23 Jun 2014

Field Day, Victoria Park, London. Sunday 8th June

Field Day is the perfect festival for anyone who is not a fan of camping or the down and dirty vibe of a festival. There is no camping on site as the festival runs over two days, each say is self - encapsulated. Everyone is kicked out after the headlining act have finished their set and you are just a walk or train journey back home to your bed. Can you see why I'm a fan?!

If I was to define a perfect day at a festival it would be Sunday at Field Day. The sun was shining, the people were friendly, the food was beautiful and most importantly the music was top notch!

I arrived, best friend in tow, in time to see Temples take to the main stage. Temples are a band who's name I have heard so often that I felt it was important to see them. They effortlessly sailed through a set of 70's tinged psychedelic rock. We sat on the grass, soaking up the sun and just listened. Temples could be the soundtrack to a lazy summer day. Their music is so easy listening yet very addictive and the aura of cool around them just adds to the overall persona. No wonder everyone is talking about them.

The festival site was spacious but easy to walk around and thankfully there was no mud in sight! The stages and tents were scattered so that there was no noise clash, but close enough to drift from band to band easily.

There was a brilliant array of food stalls, you could get anything from falafel to paella, to a hog roast. We spent quite a while deciding what to feast on before we headed to the main stage for some music.

I have to address the toilets. Yes, there were portaloos, but they were quite possibly the nicest festival toilets I've ever been in. Although, as Field Day is only a day long, you wouldn't expect too much chaos.

The drinks were pricey, which I expected,  but as it was such a beautiful sunny day I didn't really mind paying to stay hydrated.

We topped up our drinks between bands and checked out some of the fashion.  I noticed that denim shorts are always a favourite for ladies at a festival. There were a lot of beautiful playsuits as well. The men tended to stick to quirky hats and shorts.

When The Horrors began their set most of the crowd seemed to be settled in front of the main stage. Their set was flawless and they were a perfect act to follow Temples. They played a varied set which included mainly new material, their new album continously being advertised on the big screen. They played a lengthy set as the sun went down and the crowd began to disperse. I feel that The Horrors have drifted away from their old sound, for which they are famous, and evolved it into something more grown up. I just hope that they have the energy to stick with this sound and really do it justice like they did at Field Day as think that if they carry on in this direction they could end up on the same kind of scale as a band like The Arctic Monkeys.

Pixies were the headlining act and boy did they deliver! They blasted straight into an epic set list, and by epic I mean quantity as well as quality. There was very little conversation from the band to the audience, but it just meant there was more time for music! The sun set as they played and for the first time all day it got a little chilly. Not that many people noticed, most were dancing or cuddled together. There was a really nice vibe from the audience by the end of the evening. Pixies played a quality set which kept the mood levels high. If you have heard of a song by the Pixies then I can guarantee that they played it!

Leaving Victoria Park was easy enough in the dark, there were plenty of wardens to help people on their way.

Field Day Sunday was overall a chilled, sunny and beautiful day and I can guarantee I will be back next year. And I'll probably go to both days!

C x

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